Your Lake District venue for weddings, parties and meetings


Who are we?

The Village Hall Trustees represent a wide range of village interests and are:

Christine Kenyon                      Chairman      017684 82062     

Betty Jackson                             Treasurer        017684 82224

Gillian Beggs                                Secretary       017684 82220

Hazel Bell                                                                   017684 82278

Ann Burrell                                                                017684 82462

Jayne Hutchinson                                                 017684 82531   

Heather Jackson                                                    017684 82327

Rosie Lightfoot                                                         017684 82346

Carole Mousdell                                                     017684 82741

Marian Parsons                                                      017684 82437

Carl Scrivens                                                             017684 82279

Steve Sykes                                                               017684 82541

Joan Wear                                                                  017684 82000

[And we don't look anything like the photo opposite!!]

Our aim

Our charitable aim is to serve the needs of the community of Patterdale parish and visitors to the area with a facility for recreation, arts, culture, public meetings and parish events.  Our purpose is to try to improve the life of everyone who uses the Hall by making available to them a quality venue and an array of different activities without distinction of sex, age, disability, nationality, race, political, religious or other opinions.